Струнный квинтет фа мажор Брукнера

С Беатрис Мютле, Рено Капюсоном, Аки Сольер, Ларсом Андерсом Томтером и Готье Капюсоном – Фестиваль Bel-Air 2009

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Рено Капюсон — Скрипач

Аки Сольер — Скрипачка

Беатрис Мютле — Альтистка

Ларс-Андерс Томтер — Альтист

Готье Капюсон — Виолончелист

О программе

At the Bel Air Festival in 2009, Renaud and Gautier Capuçon, accompanied by Aki Saulière (violin), Béatrice Muthelet and Lars-Anders Tomter (viola), perform Anton Bruckner's String Quintet in F Major.

Founded by the French violinist Renaud Capuçon, the Bel-Air Festival gathers each year in a friendly atmosphere, the big names of classical music but also gives a chance to young musicians. At the same time artistic director and performer, Renaud Capuçon succeeds with this festival to play music with friends and share his passion for music to the audience.

Composed on the commission of the Austrian violinist and composer Joseph Hellmesberger, the String Quintet in F Major seems to be more a composition exercice than a concerto work in Bruckner's repertoire. Yet, this chamber work is highly expressive and reveals all the artistic research led by the composer, who worked to develop in a harmonic way the palette of semitones. The music critic Wilhelm Altmann told about him: "If the only thing Bruckner had ever written for string instruments had been the slow movement to his string quintet, his reputation would have been secured for all time."

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