«Sur incises» Пьера Булеза, дирижирует Пьер Булез

Ансамбль Intercontemporain

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О программе

Conductor Jean Deroyer describes Boulez’s Sur Incises as “rather difficult to put together because it calls for three pianists, three pianos, many different percussion instruments, three harps...and is also simply extremely virtuosic.” In this recording of the work from 1998, Pierre Boulez himself leads his own Ensemble intercontemporarin in a truly exception interpretation!

An avant-garde composer motivated by a desire to explore every instrument’s capacities, a rigorous music theorist, the great Pierre Boulez takes full advantage of his two passions of composition and conducting in this performance. Sur Incises’s rich and unique color palette and incisive rhythmic energy testify to Boulez’s innovative compositional work.

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