The Painting on the Wall by Angelin Preljocaj, music by Nicolas Godin

Based on a Chinese folktale — With the Ballet Preljocaj

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Анжелен Прельжокаж — Хореограф
Azzedine Alaïa — Художник по костюмам
Constance Guisset — Художник по декорациям, видео
Eric Soyer — Художник по свету
Ballet Preljocaj
Yurié Tsugawa — Танцовщица
Jean-Charles Jousni — Танцор
Margaux Coucharrière — Танцовщица
Sergi Amoros Aparicio — Танцор
Clara Freschel — Танцовщица
Marius Delcourt — Танцор
Nuriya Nagimova — Танцовщица
Antoine Dubois — Танцор
Fran Sanchez — Танцор
Anna Tatarova — Танцовщица
Mirea Delogu — Танцовщица

О программе

Experience the magic of Angelin Preljocaj's La Fresque (The Painting on the Wall)! Inspired by a 13th-century Chinese folktale of the same name, this striking ballet recounts the story of a young man so enthralled by the painted image of a woman that he ends up transported into the world of the painting to pursue his love. Using this romance as a lens, Preljocaj questions the concept of the image: "I would like this show to explore the mysterious relationships between representation and reality," he says. "Dance creates links between static image and motion, immediacy and duration, animate and inert."

The sumptuous set design by Constance Guisset, coupled with the ambient and ethereal music by Nicolas Godin (of the band Air), enhances the fluid movements of the dancers of the Ballet Preljocaj, all parts combining to form a hypnotic whole that immerses even the spectators in that imagined realm of the painting, evoking "a dream state that grows increasingly hypnotic as the beat pulses on" (The Guardian).


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Место: Théâtre de la Criée (Marseille, )
Год выхода: 2017
Продолжительность: 1 h 11 min
Компания: © ARTE France - Telmondis - Mezzo
Разрешение: Full HD

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