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Серж Бодо

Серж Бодо

  • 16 июля 1927 г. Marseille (France)


The French conductor, Serge (Paul) Baudo, is the nephew of the famous cellist Paul Tortellier. His father was a professor of oboe at the Paris Connservatory. Serge studied conducting with Fourestier and theory with Jean and Noël Gallon at the Conservatory of Paris, winning premiers prix in harmony, percussion, chamber music, and conducting. Having studied both composition and conducting, he chose to pursue composition at first, and wrote music for French radio as well as scoring films. Via his connection with Louis Malle (with whom he recorded Les Amants), he met Yves Cousteau. This meeting gave birth to a close collaboration which produced the recordings of Monde du Silence, Le Monde sans Soleil (music by Baudo) and Voyage au Bout du Monde in the style of Ravel and Debussy. Very quickly, however, his career as a conductor took an international turn and precedence over his career as a composer.

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