Voltaire was well aware that philosophy could be boring due to its esoteric language and convoluted jargon. That's why, when he published his philosophical tale, Candide: Optimism, in 1759, he didn't indulge in a pretentious essay but instead crafted a narrative that blended picaresque style and adventure novel. Two centuries later, Candide has become an essential classic in the Western canon, continuing to resonate with audiences while retaining its biting and caustic humor. It was during a theatrical production of the tale that legendary American composer Leonard Bernstein became enamored with the text and chose to set it to music. Combining Voltaire's satirical pen with Bernstein's soaring melodies, the operetta Candide has captivated music lovers worldwide since its premiere in 1956!

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Candide initially faced failure during its first performance in 1956 but has since been acclaimed worldwide due to a revival in 1973. From this point onwards, both novices in operetta and classical music experts have been enchanted by this vibrant and humorous work! Renowned composer Leonard Bernstein captured the spirit of Candide's story through his music. The lively melodies and rich harmonies make this operetta a true delight for the ears. The energetic orchestra and exceptional vocal performances never fail to captivate audiences across the globe! What are you waiting for? Join medici.tv now to experience unique musical moments and discover masterpieces like Leonard Bernstein's Candide. Whether you're a novice or an expert, medici.tv offers you the best classical music streaming experience, wherever you are in the world! With masterclasses, documentaries, live performances, and VOD (Video On Demand), medici.tv will serve as your guide on your journey to musical knowledge!

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Candide is more than just an operetta; it is a philosophical tale that explores profound themes such as the pursuit of happiness, truth, optimism, wealth, and human nature. Through Candide's adventures, Voltaire raises essential questions and provides reflection on the human condition, and Bernstein's operetta is no exception! This sublime musical creation complements Voltaire’s writing to perfection: don't miss the opportunity to discover Leonard Bernstein's Candide on medici.tv! Immerse yourself in this captivating operetta where classical music meets Voltaire's comedic and satirical spirit – you shall not be disappointed. Let yourself be carried away by the catchy melodies and colorful characters of this compelling work!