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Master Class with Thomas Hampson

2018 Heidelberg Lied Academy

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Thomas Hampson — Profesor, barítono

Germán Alcántara — Barítono

Toni Ming Geiger — Pianista

Theresa Pilsl — Soprano

Daniel Gerzenberg — Pianista

Ema Nikolovska — Mezzosoprano

Harry Rylance — Pianista

Jessica Dandy — Alto

Adèle Charvet — Soprano

Ammiel Bushakevitz — Pianista

Giulia Laudano — Mezzosoprano

Ferdinand Keller — Tenor

Daniel Gerzenberg — Pianista

Johannes Maas — Tenor

Julien Van Mellaerts — Barítono

Martha Harreiter — Soprano

Matthias Hoffmann — Barítono

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In this master class, American baritone and champion of art song Thomas Hampson works with Heidelberg Lied Academy fellows on their interpretations of German Lieder, and how to express the stories on a deeper level. Going beyond the confines of a traditional master class, the Lied Academy’s aim is to give young singers a broad and expansive text-based approach to interpreting song. The credo of the Academy, reflective of Hampson’s passionate belief in the uniquely expressive power of art song, is that singers should tell their own stories through music, creating richer performances through engaging and multi-layered interpretations.

Photo: Thomas Hampson © Peter Adamik

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