Steve Coleman and «The Council of Balance» en La Villette

Jazz à la Villette 2015

En vivo
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Steve Coleman — Saxofón alto

Jonathan Finlayson — Trompetista

Jen Shyu — Cantante

Rane Moore — Clarinetista, clarinetista bajo

Maria Grand — Saxofón tenor

Mike Lormand — Trombonista

Jeffrey Missal — Trompetista

Barry J. Crawford — Flautista

Kristin Lee — Violinista

Elizabeth Weisser — Violista

Jay Campbell — Violonchelista

David Bryant — Pianista

Miles Okazaki — Guitarra eléctrica

Anthony Tidd — Bajista

Greg Chudzik — Contrabajista

Alex Lipowski — Percusionista

Sean Rickman — Baterista

Sobre el programa...

Created by Steve Coleman in the late 90s, The Council of Balance is a bold project for a big band. For the 20th anniversary of the saxophonist’s famous concerts at the Hot Brass de la Villette (now known as the Trabendo), Steve Coleman and his musicians present new compositions from the album Synovial Joints for a rare and breathtaking concert.

American saxophonist and composer Steve Coleman is one of the most influential creators in the history of jazz. Like Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Ornette Coleman, Dave Holland, and other great jazz musicians, he invented a unique way of building and playing this musical genre.

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