A Night With Friedrich Gulda in Munich

Munich Summer Piano Festival 1995

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Friedrich Gulda — Pianista

Barbara Dennerlein — Organista

Harry Sokal — Saxofonista

Jojo Mayer — Baterista

The Paradise Girls — Cantante de jazz

DJ Vertigo — DJ

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Friedrich Gulda was one of the most notorious and loved pianists of his generation. Though he received a classical music education in Vienna, it was during WW2 that his experimental side, and perhaps a latent sense for mischief, was awakened alongside another piano maestro, Joe Zawinul. Together, the teenagers would play "forbidden music," jazz and improvised music that was banned under the regime. He didn't play by the rules then and it is a character trait that served him well throughout a long and acclaimed professional career. 

Here, at the 1995 Munich Summer Piano Festival, he demonstrates exactly what made him different from the rest. The concert begins with a series of tributes to another great Austrian pianist and composer, Mozart, which Gulda delivers with his signature flair and mix of styles. From then on, we get tracks by his esteemed accompanists, the organist Barbara Dennerlein and saxophonist Harry Sokal, as well as a "Techo Music" set from DJ Vertigo. It is a suitably unpredictable performance from a musician who steadfastly refused to be boxed in. 

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