Lisa Simone in the Yvelines

Blues sur Seine 2015

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Lisa Simone — Cantante de jazz

Hervé Samb — Guitarrista

Reggie Washington — Contrabajista

Sonny Troupé — Baterista

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During the Blues en Seine festival, Lisa Simone performed her most adored works, written with the renowned guitarist Hervé Samb. Daughter of the colossal jazz figure Nina Simone, she has managed to lay her own path in her career and has been able to combine her musical upbringing with her own modern approach to create her unique powerful and original sound. Here, alongside Samb, Reggie Washington on double bass, and Massimo Zampieri on drums, Simone presents to us a moment that will go down in the history books. 

This singer, with an impressively luminous voice, endured a rather complex upbringing following her mother around on her world tours. It was only age 52, having worked with the US Air Force for a decade, that she finally began her career on stage. Today, as she asserts herself, she has been able to “break the transgenerational chain” through her work, her talent, and her breathtaking music.

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