Jeff Mills & Emile Parisien Play John Coltrane Variations in La Villette

Le Cabaret Sauvage 2016

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Jeff Mills — Disc jockey

Emile Parisien — Saxofonista

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In 2016, the Cabaret Sauvage welcomed Jeff Mills and Emile Parisien for a legendary duet in honor of saxophonist John Coltrane, renowned for creating free jazz and collaborating with Miles David for several years. A duo of this calibre attains spectacular results: Jeff Mills is often considered the founder of the ghettotech style. Emile Parisien is recognised for his leading role in evolving contemporary jazz. On this occasion, the two musicians are awe-inspiring in their technical mastery and richness of sound. Coltrane’s exceptional work reaches new heights in their performance.

The combination of Emile Parisien’s acoustic saxophone sonorities and Jeff Mill’s electronic sounds instantly gives the listener goosebumps. The stage fades and everything focuses on the breathtaking duo and the magical aura of Coltrane. Overall, this performance is distinctive, exciting, and spellbinding: a joy to watch!

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