Snarky Puppy en Sofia

A to JazZ Festival 2022

En vivo
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Michael League — Bajista

Bill Laurance — Pianista, tecladista

Justin Stanton — Trompetista, tecladista

Mike Maher — Trompetista

Bob Lanzetti — Guitarra eléctrica

Chris Bullock — Flautista, saxofón tenor

Zach Brock — Violinista

Marcelo Woloski — Percusionista

Jason Thomas — Baterista

Sobre el programa...

Relive Snarky Puppy's astonishing performance on the stage of Bulgaria's famed A to JazZ Festival. An uplifting and frantic evening in front of a numerous audience for the Brooklyn collective.

Formed in 2004, Snarky Puppy is an American collective made up of more than twenty members. Under the guidance of bassist and composer Michael League, the group has become a ficture on the world stage since 2010, culminating in countless accolades including four Grammy Awards!

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