Eric Legnini & Friends in Monte-Carlo

Monte-Carlo Jazz Festival

En vivo
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Eric Legnini — Pianista

Manu Katché — Baterista

Anne Paceo — Baterista

Thomas Bramerie — Contrabajista

Rocky Gresset — Guitarrista

Sophie Alour — Saxofonista

Airelle Besson — Trompetista

Robin McKelle — Cantante de jazz

Sly Johnson — Rapero

Celia Kameni — Cantante de jazz

Charles Pasi — Cantante de jazz, Armónica

Hugh Coltman — Cantante de jazz

Thomas Dutronc — Guitarrista

Sobre el programa...

In the exquisite auditorium of the Opéra Garnier in Monte Carlo, Eric Legnini collates a group of world class musicians to perform some of the most well-known songs of the 20th century jazz repertoire. The Belgian pianist gladly undertakes the role of accompanist with the voices of the gritty tenor Hugh Coltman, the warm timbre of Celia Kameni, and the athleticism of Thomas Dutronc. Each and every one of these standards is also the moment for the instrumentalists, such as Airelle Besson or Eric Legnini himself to throw themselves into audacious solos that demonstrate a perfect understanding of their instrument.

The concert's ambiance is one of elegance, mastery, power, and undeniable energy realized by the accompaniment of double bass player Thomas Bramerie and drummer Many Katché. The main quality of this group is that no matter who is the sideman and who is the frontman, these musicians are all masters of jazz, renowned and duly rewarded for their lavish careers. To sum up, this group reflects both its profound passion for the jazz of their predecessors and its incredibly humble musicality. 

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