Daniel Casimir & Tess Hirst in Zurich

Moods Club 2019

En vivo
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Daniel Casimir — Bajista, contrabajista

Tess Hirst — Cantante de jazz

Tobie Carpenter — Guitarrista

Sam Jones — Baterista

Chelsea Charmichael — Saxofón tenor

Sobre el programa...

Drummer Daniel Casimir and singer Tess Hirst brilliantly play songs from their fantastic album These Days, which launched in 2019, the very year of this concert in Munich's Moods Club. Strongly inspired by modern jazz and neo soul, these two rinsing stars burst to the forefront of the London stage in 2017 with their EP Escapee. This memorable concert, filled with finesse and charm, is perfectly in line with the performances that saw them awarded the Young Musician of the Year award by the renowned Musician's Company.

Watch them in a magnificent reprise of Charles Mingus's 1959 masterpiece entitled Fables of Faubus, from his album Mingus Ah Um. Largely modernized, this transcending cover begins this memorable musical event, followed by such works as the powerful These Days or the melancholic and existential What Did I Do, an impressive collaboration to watch and rewatch at will!

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