Binker Golding's Band in Zurich

Moods Jazz Association 2019

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Binker Golding — Saxofón tenor

Sarah Tandy — Pianista

Daniel Casimir — Contrabajista

Sam Jones — Baterista

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At the London Jazz Calling festival, Blinker Golding and his musicians shone in the Moods Club in Zurich in 2019. From the start of his career, Blinker Golding has demonstrated his talent and mastery of the saxophone thanks to his duo with Moses Boyd, through which Golding was awarded four major prizes throughout his career. Here, he is joined by the virtuoso Sarah Dandy on keys, the acclaimed Daniel Casimir on double bass, and the talented Sam Jones on drums.

These three musicians also share equally high flying careers as Golding. Casimir has enjoyed a celebrated career thanks to the rise of the jazz scene in London—he also is known for having taken the first prize in the BBC Young Jazz Musician finals in 2016. Here, the group helps us discover a programme rich in a mixture of styles highly influenced by the band’s sense of ‘cool’. Considering his approach to music, critics often consider Golding to be the flag bearer for the rebirth of legendary cool jazz.

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