Andy Emler Quartet "Running Backwards" en Nevers

D’Jazz Nevers Festival 2017

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Andy Emler — Pianista

Marc Ducret — Guitarra eléctrica

Claude Tchamitchian — Contrabajista

Eric Echampard — Baterista

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Meet French composer and pianist Andy Emler on the stage of the D’Jazz Nevers festival for an exciting concert with energetic and powerful jazzmen! During this performance, titled Running backwards, the artist surprises us with a program that masterfully combines jazz, rock, contemporary classical and improvisation.

Alongside the virtuoso are Marc Ducret on electric guitar, Claude Tchamitchian on double bass, and Eric Echampard on drums, with whom he was part of MégaOctet combo. Emler presents his insights on humanity through his rhythmically complex yet melodic brand of jazz, trhough which the audience can perceive a certain irony and melancholy, yet with a refreshing dose of hope...

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