Jan Lisiecki: Entrevista

Verbier Festival 2012

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"I believe that everybody has music within them. I think it is very important to have music because it is an escape; it allows you, as a human being, to go to a different place, a different world, and what exactly that place is is only yours to decide."

Jan Lisiecki, the 17 year-old pianist from Calgary, Canada, speaks to about how he started playing the piano, and how he experiences music everyday.

"I don't believe that if I wouldn't be playing music, that I would be a stereotypical teenager, a normal teenager. For me, this life is perfect because I love performing, I love travelling, those are I truly enjoy doing," he says.

What is your next mountain to climb, your next challenge? Do you get the chance to live the life of a teenager? Were you nervous playing for the Queen of England? And, bonus question, will you date one of your fan? Those are the questions you asked and Jan Lisiecki kindly answered for you.

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