Alexandre Tharaud: Entrevista

Verbier Festival 2012

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"I do a job that can only make me unsatisfied, every day." has met with the pianist Alexandre Tharaud during the 2012 Verbier Festival, just before his Debussy-Scarlatti recital at the Verbier church. He kindly answered our questions.

"If you had the chance to take lessons with a musician, from the late 1800s to the 1950s, who would that be? Which musical piece first had a big impact on you? To date, which of your recordings are you most proud of?"

For the sixth consecutive year, spent a few weeks in the station of the Swiss Alps to film and broadcast live on the internet the highlights of the world's famous festival. The perfect occasion to meet the artists and have discussions with them. The particularity of these interviews? You were the journalists!

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