Les Musiciens du Louvre: Palabra de Orquesta

Marc Minkowski y su orquesta

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In 1982, Marc Minkowski created the Musiciens du Louvre ensemble; this documentary follows the development of this ensemble as they prepare for a "surprise concert," performed at the Théâtre du Châtelet to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the ensemble.

The Musiciens du Louvre ensemble are the key players in the revival of baroque music in France. The group is the result of a desire to rediscover the almost forgotten repertoire of the 17th and 18th centuries, and inject new life into it, adding a new dimension to old works.

When it was first formed, the ensemble was a group of musician friends, brought together by Marc Minkowski to perform a few concerts each year. Thanks to the success of their records and support from patrons, the ensemble carved out a decisive niche for itself on the music scene, merging with the Ensemble Instrumental de Grenoble in 1996.

In this documentary, we learn about the special features of their performances on old instruments, and their beats and rhythmic accents. This energy is reflected in the body and theatricality of the performances, as can be seen during the rehearsals. With its unique style, the ensemble revives all the spirit of Baroque music passions, especially in their renditions of opera works.

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