Interview with Martin T:son Engstroëm

Verbier Festival 2015

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Martin T:son Engstroem — Founder and Managing Director of the Verbier Festival

Maya Plisétskaya

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"Maya and Rodion belonged to another époque, to an other world."

The Verbier Festival payed a tribute to the ballet dancer Maya Plisetskaya, who passed away last May. The prima ballerina assoluta of the Bolshoi Theater, who was an unequalled dancer and a choreographer, was one of the most wonderful stars of the former Soviet Union. Maurice Béjart described her as "the last living legend of dance."

Enter behind the scenes at the Verbier Festival 2015 – one of the most renowned festival of classical music in the world! Every year since 2011, has accompanied the live webcasts with a selection of interviews shot with the best artists of our time. This year is no exception: with the Verbier Festival 2015 comes a collection of new interviews, all available on!

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