First Rehearsals

Directed by Mathieu Amalric

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Barbara Hannigan — Directora, soprano

Ludwig Orchestra

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After C’est presque au bout du monde (It is almost the end of the world) (2015), Mathieu Amalric continues to spotlight superstar soprano and conductor Barbara Hannigan in the captivating documentary First Rehearsals, filmed in 2016.

Amalric follows Hannigan’s rehearsal work with the Dutch Ludwig Orchestra in a revival of Alban Berg’s Lulu-Suite, a daunting five-movement piece for soprano and orchestra that poses a real challenge—but one that the multitalented Canadian is more than able to meet.  Amalric’s skillful camera work highlights the nuanced ways that Hannigan—who conducts while singing, a rarely seen and hugely impressive talent—works and interacts with her orchestra, a fascinating glimpse into a profession that is as demanding as it is exciting!


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