Andrés Gabetta dirige Vivaldi y Guido

Orquesta de la Ópera real de Versalles

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Andrés Gabetta — Violinista

Orchestra of the Royal Opera of Versailles

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It's not just a trick of the light: this is Vivaldi's Four Seasons as you've never seen them, in the Palace of Versailles's world-famous Hall of Mirrors! In the most deliciously Baroque spirit, Andrés Gabetta joins the Versailles Royal Opera Orchestra to present this timeless masterpiece, alongside a variation by Giovanni Antonio Guido, the Scherzi armonici sopra le quattro staggioni dell’anno.

That Guido's reworking exists at all is a testament to the widespread contemporary success of Vivaldi's four concertos—but his version is a stylistic departure from that of his compatriot. Where Vivaldi's Four Seasons find a firm footing in the Italian tradition, with score in service of narrative, the Scherzi armonici seem more at home in the French school, with a stately bearing and meticulous aesthetic.

From the canals of Venice to the sumptuous gardens of Versailles, brisk springtime sunrises to glacial December nights, every listener will find several seasons' worth of beauty here!

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