Honens International Piano Competition - Semifinal

Sasha Grynyuk

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Sasha Grynyuk — Pianista

Amanda Roocroft — Soprano

Geoff Nuttall — Violinista

Johannes Moser — Violonchelista

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Meet with the most promising pianists of the young generation and watch them make their debuts live on!

During the semifinals of the Honens International Piano Competition in Calgary, ten pianists perform a 60-minute solo recital and a 65 to 70-minute collaborative recital. They all aim at gathering the top 5 competitors, who will be able to perform at the final round (concerto round).

Pianists may perform any repertory for the solo recital and are advised to consider this performance, and to design its program, on the same principles as a professional concert. While no repertory is required, pianists are asked to include a pivotal work from the piano literature and encouraged to perform contemporary music. The Jury looks for intelligent and imaginative programming. A particularity of the Honens Piano Competition, pianists are also encouraged to perform an encore after their solo recital.

The collaborative recital includes a violin sonata, a cello sonata and ten minutes of art song. Pianists choose their concert programs from a list of set of programs. Each pianist performs with the same violinist, cellist and singer.

This programme features chamber music works by Brahms, Schoenberg, Fauré, Mozart and Chopin, performed by Ukrainian pianist Sasha Grynyuk (27 years old).

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