Fabio Luisi dirige Catulli Carmina de Orff

Dallas Symphony Orchestra

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Herbert Lippert — Tenor

Audrey Luna — Soprano

Anthony Roth Costanzo — Contratenor

Sean Michael Plumb — Barítono

Dallas Symphony Chorus

Dallas Symphony Children's Chorus

Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Fabio Luisi — Director

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Tune in for an epic choral evening brought to you by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra with maestro Fabio Luisi, four all-star soloists, and two choruses—a lineup fit for Carl Orff's Catulli Carmina, one of the two suites Orff wrote to follow the iconic Carmina Burana!

Between 1935 and 1936, German composer Carl Orff created Carmina Burana, working from a collection of medieval poems. The opening "O Fortuna" has become one of the most recognizable motifs in pop culture, the soundtrack for everything films and TV series to commercials and Internet memes… But Orff didn't stop there! Carmina Burana was only the first in a triptych, followed by Catulli Carmina in 1943 and Trionfo di Afrodite in 1951. This concert by the DSO is the perfect opportunity to rediscover Catulli Carmina—and if you want some preshow viewing for context, revisit a stunning Carmina Burana with the Danish National Symphony Orchestra—also conducted by Fabio Luisi—in our catalogue!

Photo © Sylvia Elzafon

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