POPPEA // POPPEA de Christian Spuck, música de Donner, Monteverdi, Schumann, Torrini, Power, Westhoff y Geminiani

Gauthier Dance // Dance Company Theaterhaus Stuttgart

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Emma Ryott — Escenógrafo, diseñador de vestuario

Dunja Funke — Dramaturga

Reinhard Traub — Iluminador

Eric Gauthier — Bailarín

Anneleen Dedroog — Bailarina

Miriam Gronwald — Bailarina

Anna Süheyla Harms — Bailarina

Maria Prat Balasch — Bailarina

Rosario Guerra — Bailarín

Florian Lochner — Bailarina

William Moragas — Bailarín

David Stiven Valencia Martinez — Bailarín

Tars Vandebeek — Bailarín

Sobre el programa...

Revisit the story of Poppea, wife of infamous Roman emperor Nero in an award-winning reimagining by visionary German choreographer Christian Spuck on the stage of the Theaterhaus Stuttgart! The theatre's dynamic Gauthier Dance, founded in 2010 and already a notable name on the international dance scene, offer a vibrant interpretation of the legend, led by the incredible Eric Gauthier, in which the role of music is indispensable. In a chiaroscuro visual atmosphere imbued with cinematic grandeur, the graceful movements of the dancers blend with melodies and harmonies by a marvelously wide-ranging and eclectic selection of musical talents—from Monteverdi and Schubert to Emilíana Torrini and Cat Power—bring life and intensity to this timeless drama.

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