Plácido Domingo

January 21, 1941 - Madrid, Spain

Acerca de

“I am often asked how Operalia came into existence. Throughout the years, I have always taken a special interest in promising young singers and the enormous difficulties these artists face as they start out their careers. It has become clear to me that talent alone is not enough; it is also essential for young singers to come to the attention of those impresarios, managers, casting directors, conductors and stage directors who can further their professional careers.

My purpose in Operalia is to help identify not only the best voices, but also to discover those singers whose personality, character and powers of interpretation show the promise of a finished artist. Individuals such as these become tomorrow’s stars. This is why the Jury is not exclusively made up of great singers, but includes general managers, stage directors and casting directors. The importance of the international Jury of each Operalia competition has helped in creating the necessary stir and has usually led to important engagements for these artists.

I take great interest in the careers of the Operalia winners and follow them closely. I owe it not only to them, but also to my friends who work so hard to make it a reality each year.”

Plácido Domingo

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