The Indian Queen, Z. 630

The Indian Queen is an iconic work from the very specific repertoire of semi-operas! Semi-opera is a typically English baroque musical genre, halfway between theater and music, which can be likened to the French opera-ballet. The 'trend' of semi-opera only lasted for about forty years, from the 1670s to 1710, before Italian opera won the hearts of the English public.

Henry Purcell is undoubtedly one of the greatest representatives of this genre, as he composed six semi-operas! The Indian Queen was his final contribution to the genre: he passed away on November 21, 1695, before he could complete the score. Consequently, it was his brother, Daniel Purcell, who finished the final act.

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Henry Purcell, a renowned English composer, brilliantly and creatively crafted The Indian Queen, Z. 630 in 1695. The opera tells the story of the encounter between the Aztecs and the Incas, with a plot intertwining love, betrayal, and conflict. Purcell's captivating music, combined with sumptuous sets and magnificent costumes, transports the audience on an enchanting journey through history. Indeed, The Indian Queen features fascinating characters, including a queen and a general, whose destinies entwine in a moving tragedy. The opera thus explores universal themes such as love, loyalty, and power, offering an immersive and emotional experience to listeners. is your front-row seat to the most beautiful concert halls to listen to The Indian Queen, Z. 630 by Purcell 

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