Michel van der Aa's Upload

Michael van der Aa (stage director), Otto Tausk (conductor) — With Roderick Williams (Father), Julia Bullock (Daughter), Katja Herbers (Psychiatrist) ...

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Michel van der Aa — Stage director, screenwriter
Theun Mosk — Lighting, scenography
Elske van Buuren — Costumes
Madelon Kooijman — Dramaturgy
Niels Nuijten — Dramaturgy
Darien Brito — Motion capture, real-time graphics
Joost Rietdijk — Director of photography
Julius Horsthuis — VFX supervisor, fractal artist
Roderick Williams — Father
Julia Bullock — Daughter
Katja Herbers — Psychiatrist
Ashley Zukerman — CEO
Esther Mugambi — Scientist
Claron McFadden — Childhood friend
David Eeles — Friend 1
Tessa Stephenson — Friend 2
Hank Botwinik — Friend 3

Program notes

What if our minds could live forever—if advances in artificial intelligence and neuroscience offered us a way to transfer our memories and experiences into a sustainable digital consciousness? Against the backdrop of present-day and near-future technologies, Michel van der Aa’s provocative new opera Upload explores age-old philosophical questions: What are the limits of human memory, and what happens when we are unable to forget? Where do our identities really reside—in our minds, our bodies, our relationships? And how far do the raw data of our lives determine our fate?

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Directed by:
Michel van der Aa
Venue: Dutch National Opera & Ballet (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Production date: 2021
Duration: 1 h 18 min
Production: © Dutch National Opera
Available subtitle(s): EN, NL
Resolution: Full HD