Stockhausen's Samstag aus Licht

Opera for 12 soloists (voice, 10 instrumentalists, dancer), wind ensemble, and men's choir with organ

Certain chapters are not available. <br> Thank you for your understanding.
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Damien Bigourdan — Stage director, Concept
Nieto — Visual creation, Concept
Florent Derex — Sound projection
Pascale Lavandier — Costumes
Myrtille Debièvre — Scenography
Catherine Verheyde — Lighting
Agathe Cemin — Assistant stage director
Damien Pass — Bass (Lucifer)
Alphonse Cemin — Pianist (Player from Lucifer's dream)
Claire Luquiens — Flutist (Kathinka black cat)
Julie Brunet-Jailly — Flutist (Kathinka black cat)
Emmanuelle Grach — Ribbon dancer
Henri Deléger — Trumpeter (Michael)
Mathieu Adam — Trombonist (A Trombone Devil)
Ayumi Taga — Organist
French Army Choir

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Maxime Pascal and his trailblazing ensemble Le Balcon seek to expand the possibilities for musical performance and consumption, and to that end, their innovative production features a first for medici.tv: a binaural recording. Grab your headphones for the full immersive experience!

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Directed by:
David Daurier
Production date: 2019
Recording date: 27.06 & 28.06.2019
Duration: 3 h 13 min
Production: © Camera Lucida
Available subtitle(s): FR
Resolution: Full HD

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Friday, March 21, 2025