Louie's Mulroney, The Opera

A comedy imagined by Dan Redican and Larry Weinstein

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Dan Redican — Libretto
Alexina Louie — Music
Rick Miller — Brian Mulroney
Stephanie Mills — Mila Mulroney
Colin Mochrie — Jean Chrétien
Wayne Best — Pierre Trudeau
Ted Dykstra — Ed Broadbent
Joe Matheson — Ronald Reagan
Seán Cullen — Robert Coates

Program notes

An opera movie written after the story of the former Canadian Primer Minister Brian Mulroney.

With his spark of madness, the Canadian film-maker Larry Weinstein, one of the most prolific and creative in the universe of the musical documentary, presents Mulroney: The Opera, an offbeat and biting comedy.

It shows the ascension and the fall of former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, an extravagant figure loved by some people and dispised by others, notably accused by his detractors to have "sold" his country to the United States.

This satire takes inspiration in real events and dialogs. In the documentary, the incidents and scandals are exaggerated and some remind the Shakespearean tragedy, others the irony of the best comic operas. Rick Miller's delicious acting who embodies Mulroney as well as Stephanie Anne Mills' and Colin Mochrie's performances reveal the intelligence of Alexina Louie's original compositions and of Dan Redican's libretto.

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Directed by:
Larry Weinstein
Production date: 2011
Duration: 1 h 10 min
Production: © Rhombus Media
Resolution: Full HD