Alma Deutscher's Cinderella (Viennese version for children)

Birgit Kajtna (stage director), Witolf Werner (conductor) — With Bryony Dwyer (Cinderella), Simina Ivan (Stepmother), Bongiwe Nakani (Fairy Emmeline), Pavel Kolgatin (Prince) - Wiener Staatsoper

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Birgit Kajtna — Stage director

Katrin Roschangar — Choreographer

Christina Feik — Set designer

Janina Müller-Höreth — Costume designer

Bryony Dwyer — Cinderella

Caroline Wenborne — Griselda

Ulrike Helzel — Zibaldona

Simina Ivan — Stepmother

Bongiwe Nakani — Fairy Emmeline

Pavel Kolgatin — The Prince

Dan Paul Dumitrescu — The King

Rafael Fingerlos — Minister

Alma Deutscher — Pianist, violinist

Wiener Staatsoper Stage Orchestra

Witolf Werner — Conductor

Program notes

One of the most extraordinary musical prodigies of our day, Alma Deutscher presents a modern version of the beloved fairy tale blending humor, poetry, and the magic of theatre. Deutscher began composing her Cinderella at age 8, but without directly taking up the original tale by the Brothers Grimm, preferring to give music the predominant place in her spectacle. The title character here is also a young composer, envied by her stepmother and stepsisters for her talent and forced to toil away as a mere copyist. But compelled by the same love for art, Prince Charming—a poet, in Deutscher's retelling—comes to Cinderella's aid... 

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