Alma Deutscher's Cinderella

Brad Dalton (stage director), Jane Glover (conductor) — With Vanessa Becerra (Cinderella), Jonas Hacker (Prince)...

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Brad Dalton — Stage director
Steven Kemp — Set designer
Richard Powers — Choreographer
Johann Stegmeir — Costume designer
Alyssa Oania — Costume director
David Lee Cuthbert — Lighting
Robert Pickens — Wig and Makeup Designer
Vanessa Becerra — Cinderella
Jonas Hacker — Prince
Nathan Stark — King
Claudia Chapa — Emeline
Mary Dunleavy — Stepmother
Stacey Tappan — Griselda
Karin Mushegain — Zibaldona
Brian James Myer — Minister
Opera San José Dancers

Program notes

It is absolutely extraordinary what this young girl has managed to achieve on the violin, the piano, and in her compositions. Her musical sensitivity and her powers of expression already at this age underline her exceptional talent.—Anne-Sophie Mutter. Few twelve-year-olds are gifted as Alma Deutscher. An already-experienced soloist on the piano and violin, a budding composer with numerous concertos and chamber works to her name, the young musician has captured the hearts of audiences, music critics, and leading artists of the musical world.

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Directed by:
Bernhard Fleischer
Venue: California Theatre, Opera San José (San Jose, California, USA)
Production date: 2017
Duration: 2 h 32 min
Production: The Packard Humanities Institute, Opera San José, and Bernhard Fleischer Moving Images
Resolution: Full HD

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