Bellini's Beatrice di Tenda

Daniel Schmid (stage director), Marcello Viotti (conductor) – With Edita Gruberova (Beatrice di Tenda), Michael Volle (Filippo Maria Visconti) – Zurich Opera House

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Daniel Schmid — Stage director

Bernhard Kleber — Set designer

Florence von Gerkan — Costume designer

Jürgen Hoffmann — Lighting

Enrico Cacciari — Music consultant

Hervé Mahé — Music consultant

Barbara Klimo — Choreographer

Edita Gruberova — Beatrice di Tenda

Michael Volle — Filippo Maria Visconti

Stefania Kaluza — Agnese del Maino

Raúl Hernández — Orombello

Miroslav Christoff — Anichino

Bogusław Bidziński — Rizzardo del Maino

Zurich Opera House Orchestra

Zurich Opera Chorus

Ernst Raffelsberger — Chorus direction

Program notes

At Zürich Opera House, Vincenzo Bellini's Beatrice di Tenda is staged by Daniel Schmid, conducted by the music director Marcello Viotti. Edita Gruberova sings the role of Beatrice di Tenda and Michael Volle sings the role of Filippo Maria Visconti.

Inspired after historical events that happened at the 15th century, the opéra Beatrice di Tenda composed by Vincenzo Bellini on a libretto by Felice Romani – which was premiered in 1833 in Venice – tells the story of the widow of the Duke of Milan, Beatrice di Tenda. She regrets her second marriage of convenience to Filippo Maria Visconti, who has inherited of the armies and of the title of the dead Duke of Milan. Filippo Visconti, who is fed up of his wife, accuses her to be unfaithful in order to get rid of her, helped by Agnese, a lady with whom he is in love himself. Condemned to death, Beatrice will accept to die, knowing she is innocent, as for Agnese will regret to have betrayed Beatrice and will ask her for her forgiveness when she is executed.

In this opera in which love and schemes constitute the plot, the figure of a true tragic heroine is highlighted. Edita Gruberova's performance increases all the dramatic aspect of the story. With Beatrice di Tenda, Vincenzo Bellini composed a score which music and themes are highly moving.

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