Master class

Master Class with Thomas Hampson

2016 Heidelberg Lied Academy

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Thomas Hampson — Teacher, baritone

Wolfram Rieger — Pianist

Yajie Zhang — Mezzo-soprano

Ferdinand Keller — Tenor

Emma Moore — Soprano

Albin Ahl — Bass

Elliott Carlton Hines — Baritone

Jonathan Ware — Pianist

Klara Hornig — Pianist

Ammiel Bushakevitz — Pianist

Program notes

Under the artistic direction of baritone Thomas Hampson, and with the contribution of the pianist Wolfram Rieger, the sixth annual Heidelberg Lied Academy transforms the German city into an international meeting point for the Lied once again.

Ranging well beyond the confines of the traditional master class, the Lied Academy’s aim is to give young singers a variety of tools for well-informed text-based song interpretation. The credo of the Lied Academy, reflective of Hampson’s passionate belief in the uniquely expressive power of song, is that singers should tell stories through song, and thus create richer performances through those multi-layered stories.


In this master class, American lyric baritone Thomas Hampson, will work with select Lied Academy fellows on their interpretations of German Lieder, and how to express the stories that these songs tell on a deeper level.

The Lied Academy is part of the Musikfestival Heidelberger Frühling, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. No city could make a more appropriate home for the Lied Academy than Heidelberg, a place that epitomizes the era that produced the greatest flowering of Lieder: German Romanticism.

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