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Master Class with Dame Evelyn Glennie: Marimba Spiritual & Toccata for Marimba and Vibraphone

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Evelyn Glennie — Teacher, percussionist

Toby Kearney — Student – Marimba Spiritual

Dan Jones — Student – Marimba Spiritual

Rosemary Toll — Student – Toccata for Marimba & Vibrato

Anne Armstrong — Student – Toccata for Marimba & Vibrato

Program notes

In this masterclass, Evelyn Glennie, the most renowned percussionist performs two famous pieces dedicated to the marimba, an exotic and elegant instrument.

Evelyn Glennie is without question the best known solo percussion player in the world. Her father was an accordionist who influenced her tastes when she was little, which led her to play traditional music with instruments like the harmonica and the clarinet. But percussion instruments are Glennie’s real revelation and she went to the Royal Academy of Music of London to study them. She gives more than 100 performances a year worldwide, performing with the greatest conductors, orchestras, and artists. She collaborated with Björk, Bobby McFerrin, Sting and Fred Frith, and recorded music for films and television. In July 2012, she took part in the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games of London, honoring her twenty-year-old career.

Since recently, Evelyn Gleenie has been giving masterclasses and has explored the art of teaching. In this sequence, she is working on two compositions from the twentieth century: Marimba Spiritual by Minoru Miki, inspired by Japanese traditional music, and the internationally renowned Toccata for Marimba and Vibraphone by Anders Koppel.

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