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On, there are over 4000 on-demand films available for you, including more than 1500 classical music concerts, 500 jazz music concerts, and over 200 master classes! A master class is a dedicated teaching session designed to broaden knowledge and pass on experience between a subject expert in music and students. Music is a field in which the format of a master class works exceptionally well, enabling students to refine certain elements of their craft under the guidance of seasoned artists, be it interpreting a particular piece or honing a specific technique. On this page, you'll find all our classical music master classes. To streamline your search, feel free to use our filters: the composer filter, the professor filter, and the musical period filter.

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The format of the master class is particularly well-suited to classical music, as it allows the teacher to focus on complex technical passages. This is how a classical music master class unfolds: the student performs a passage from a musical piece, the teacher listens and provides advice and instruction, either at the end of the passage or by interrupting the student if necessary. This format also works well for classical dance, as teachers can correct the students' postures. Therefore, master classes are truly privileged experiences for students, who can benefit from the expertise of legendary artists! They’re also an exciting spectacle for music enthusiasts in attendance, as they mark an opportunity to uncover the smallest secrets of the works and the performers. The typically friendly atmosphere in classical music master classes contributes to making these training sessions enjoyable moments. Among our distinguished teachers, we have Pinchas Zukerman, Philippe Jaroussky, Sir András Schiff, and Joyce DiDonato (among others!), who explores operas at Carnegie Hall!, an effective resource for classical music students seeking master classes

For classical music students, our master classes also serve as an engaging and reliable resource for honing their own instrument. They allow students to benefit from the knowledge, skills, and experience of leading artists. Thanks to our filters like 'composer,' 'professor,' and 'musical period,' you can quickly find the classical music master class you need! Piano, violin, cello, voice, harp, dance; chamber music pieces, opera excerpts, ballets...You'll discover master classes in various disciplines within the realm of classical music and different areas of focus. Furthermore, our catalogue includes some legendary master classes, true archival gems! With, the premier platform for streaming classical music, you can keep all this valuable knowledge just one click away, and even broaden your understanding through our music documentaries on classical music!