Miguel Zenon Quartet in Bielsko-Biała

Lotos Jazz Festival 2014

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Miguel Zenon — Saxophonist
Luis Perdomo — Pianist
Jorge Roeder — Bass guitarist
Henry Cole — Drummer

Program notes

Jazz master Miguel Zenon fires up the crowd at the 2014 Lotos Jazz Festival, where he performs a series of original compositions alongside his energetic quartet. Born in Puerto Rico in 1976, the talented saxophonist studied at Berklee before settling in New York, a city in which he made his name by collaborating with the greatest names in jazz. Here, with Luis Perdomo on piano, Jorge Roeder on bass, and Henry Cole on drums, he plays excerpts from his masterpiece : Identities are Changeable.

This 2014 album bears the fruit of the virtuoso's profound introspective work concerning his roots and his own trajectory, as well as that of his career. His main question is : "What does it mean to be Puerto Rican in New York in the 21st century?". This interrogation gives birth to a brand of music filled with life as well as existential doubt. Each of the pieces he performs is filled in its own unique way with a sentiment that can be shared by all those who have left their home behind in order to discover the world...

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Production date: 2014
Production: Mezzo/Cinéplume/TVM/Oléo Films

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