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jazz Joachim Kühn New Trio, Live in Strasbourg Jazzdor 2017

Jazzdor 2017

Joachim Kühn New Trio, Live in Strasbourg Jazzdor 2017


Working at the boundaries of free jazz and contemporary classical, German jazz innovator Joachim Kühn is joined by his colleagues Chris Jennings and Eric Schaefer—together the New Trio—at the 2017 Jazzdor Festival in Strasbourg, to perform their album Love & Peace, an unconventional album with estoric sonorities perfectly befetting of the trio's wild, imaginative style.


  • Joachim Kühn | Pianist
  • Chris Jennings | Double bassist
  • Eric Schaefer | Drummer


  • Joachim Kühn, Because of Mouloud
  • Don Bryant, Something about you
  • Joachim Kühn, But strokes of folk
  • Beauty and truth
  • The Doors, The End
  • Ornette Coleman, Researching has no limits


  • Venue: Jazzdor (Strasbourg)
  • Production date: 2017
  • Production: © Oléo Films - Boulevard de la prod - Herisson
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