Hadar Noiberg & Chano Dominguez Duo in Zurich

The Moods 2018

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Hadar Noiberg — Flutist

Chano Dominguez — Pianist

Program notes

Hadar Noiberg and Chano Dominguez join forces to produce this hypnotic spectacle at the Moods Club in Zurich in 2018. Noiberg, a flautist, is a musician performing in a vast array of musical genres, most notably received the ASCAP prize for the best female composer. Dominguez, a Spanish pianist specializing in Latin jazz, was awarded the National prize for contemporary music in 2020. The pair combine their acoustic instruments with electric apparatus such as a loop-pedals and a Rhodes piano to create a sessions of question and answer as well as fiery choruses. 

Even though the pair are years apart in age, Noiberg makes up for it through her immense musical prowess as well as her her incredibly rich musicality. As the Süddeutsche Zeitungabout puts it, her artistry contains “a warm and romantic sound, and the precise counterpoint of Western classical music, the rhythm and controlled passion of American jazz, and a profoundness coloured by the influences of the Middle East. Throughout the work, Noiberg shows an exceptional talent for creating extremely catchy melodies.” To this young composer’s incredible promise, Dominguez offers a playing drawn from his wealth of experience as an accomplished performer. 

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