Das Kapital "Eisler Explosion"

Jazzdor 2018

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Edward Perraud — Drummer
Daniel Herdmann — Tenor/saxophonist
Hasse Poulsen — Electric guitar
Orchestre d’harmonie du Conservatoire de Strasbourg — Orchestra
Miguel Etchegoncelay — Conductor

Program notes

For the past ten years, Das Kapital has been inspired by the music of Austrian composer Hanns Eisler, a pupil of Arnold Schönberg and a partner of Bertolt Brecht, who viewed musical modernity as being aligned with the social revolution. The trio joins forces with the Strasbourg Conservatory Concert Band to perform in an astounding concert at the crossroads of classical, jazz, and improvisatory music.

The trio Das Kapital has been a vibrant force of European jazz since 2002, open to all forms of experimentation and encounters. Composed of three co-leaders, Edward Perraud, Daniel Erdmann and Hasse Poulsen, the group developed an explosive and joyful musical style combining writing and improvisation, simplicity and virtuosity.

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Directed by:
Josselin Carré
Production date: 2018
Duration: 51 min
Production: Oléo
Resolution: Full HD