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jazz Chucho Valdés plays his own La Creación Preceded by a solo piano recital

Preceded by a solo piano recital

Chucho Valdés plays his own La Creación Preceded by a solo piano recital


Live from the Philharmonie de Paris, spend a jazzy evening in the company of the extraordinary Chucho Valdés—renowned composer, dynamite pianist, expert arranger, and legendary pioneer of Afro-Cuban jazz. After 60 years on the scene, the veteran knows how to light up the stage as a soloist or bring his ingenuity into perfect harmony with an ensemble.

Valdés opens the festivities with an incredible—and these days, rare—solo recital, before moving on to one of his own compositions, La Creación, through which he recounts the emergence of Yoruba culture, of West African origin, in the Caribbean. Under the direction of the man himself, piano, drums, bass, Batà drums, Creole choir, trumpets, and saxophones present a captivating and vibrant homage to Afro-Cuban fusion, of which Valdés is one of the greatest representatives.

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  • Chucho Valdés | Composer , Pianist
  • Hilario Durán | Keyboards, arranger
  • John Beasley | Keyboards, arranger
  • José A. Gola | Bass guitarist, Double bassist
  • Dafnis Prieto | Drummer
  • Roberto Jr. Vizcaíno | Percussionist
  • Erick Barbería | Principal Batá drum, singer
  • Yosvani González Franco | Batá drum, singer
  • Felipe Sarria Linares | Batá drum, singer
  • Yeni Valdés | Singer
  • Brian Lynch | Trumpeter
  • Etienne Charles | Trumpeter
  • Marcus Strickland | Alto saxophonist
  • Carlos Fernandez Averhoff Jr. | Tenor/saxophonist


  • Chucho Valdés, Piano solo
  • Chucho Valdés, La Creación


  • Venue: Grande Salle Pierre Boulez, Philharmonie de Paris (Paris, France)
  • Broadcast date: Nov. 20, 2021, 8:30 p.m.
  • Production date: 2021
  • Replay available until: February 20, 2022
  • Production: © Oleo Films
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