Chico Freeman Quintet in Junas

Jazz à Junas 2011

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Chico Freeman — Saxophonist
Ivan Bridon — Pianist
Yoel Soto — Double bassist
Francis Arnaud — Drummer
Rodriguo Rodriguez — Percussionist
Nicole Mitchell — Flutist
Harrison Bankhead — Double bassist

Program notes

Chico Freeman's imposing virtuosity is on full display during this concert recorded in Junas, France, in 2011. The son of Von Freeman, he has played with such gorundbreaking figures as Wynton Marsalis and Tito Puente. One of the turning points of the saxophonist's career came when he moved to Europe to meet new musicians, and enrich his music through total immersion. His multicultural heritage is visible and obvious throughout this brilliant performance, and the osmosis that he creates with his musicians produces an exceptional result.

Freeman's impressive musical development is due not only to his natural talent, but also to a work ethic like no other. According to him : "First comes expression, and when you find yourself in need of being able to express more, you develop the technique in order to accomplish that objective." This personal history lived with the belief that a musician's technique and soul depend on each other leads to spectacular results on stage. Here, he tells a riveting story, served with perfectly chosen words and notes...

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Directed by:
Frank Cassenti
Production date: 2011
Duration: 51 min
Production: Oléo Films
Resolution: Full HD

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