Yehudi Menuhin: An Introduction to Music

A documentary by Claude Ventura

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Yehudi Menuhin — Violinist

Program notes

Come backstage for a behind-the-scenes look at legendary violinist Yehudi Menuhin in this eye-opening documentary, directed by Claude Ventura! As a soloist and a conductor, the incomparable artist reveals a bit of his world to us, one driven by collaborative and creative energy—in the more intimate settings of rehearsals and interviews, as well as in public performances where words give way to music.

“The longer you live, the more you understand what the notes represent,” says the virtuoso, dedicatee of Bartók’s final completed work, the Sonata for Solo Violin. The great Hungarian composer gets a special focus, as do Mozart and others, in this exceptional archive that acquaints us better with the late, great Menuhin, who believed in the sacred bond between composer and interpreter—created and maintained through instinct, nuance, sensitivity, and a willingness to share and cooperate.

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