Yehudi Menuhin: a violonist in Hollywood

Conversations with his biographer Humphrey Burton

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Yehudi Menuhin — Violinist

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"For a long time, I thought I had been born too late. Had I been around some twenty years earlier, I might have seen the one performer of our century to have attained a truly universal dimension, Yehudi Menuhin, performing during his youth. His fame was so phenomenal [...] that Menuhin has remained in collective memory the very symbol of the violin." – Bruno Monsaingeon

Is there a better way of paying tribute to one of the greatest violinists of the XXth century? In view of this, Günter Atteln takes us into the heart of a dialogue with his biographer Humphrey Burton, in an intimate review as closely as possible to his past and his life. Testimony to an outstanding life, this documentary penetrates into the thoughts of the violinist, delivered with a nostalgic humor: memories of war, his first steps in the music, his best concerts, the evocation of his music professor and some anecdotes on a few musician friends.

In 1994, Yehudi Menuhin created MUS-E, an artistic educational European program, existing today in 12 European countries, for 50 000 children from more than 450 primary schools every year approximately. The objective was to bring art into schools to develop the children's creativity and to prevent violence and racism by encouraging harmony and aesthetics. His ambition was to create long-term projects, giving a voice to those who have no voice, thanks to artistic expression under all its forms.

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