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Sidney Bechet

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"Petite Fleur," "Rue d'Antibes," "Les Oignons," "Saint Louis Blues," Sidney Bechet's tunes belong to our world music heritage!

Born in New Orleans in 1897, this American virtuoso is one of the founders of the blues. A pioneer in the art of improvisation, Sidney Bechet was also an outstanding composer with a unique style at the clarinet and saxophone soprano.

Shot on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the musician's death, this documentary lets us go back to the emotion and modernity of his work by listening to the unique testimonies of his fellow musicians, Poumy Arnaud and Christian Azzi, the memories of his son Daniel-Sidney Bechet, and of the famous jazz man Claude Bolling, Eric Luter, Christian Morin, Fabrice Zammarchi and singer-composer Laurent Voulzy complete this extraordinary portrayal of Sidney Bechet.

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