Piotr Anderszewski - Unquiet traveller

A brilliantly constructed "road-movie", utterly poetic and deeply emotional

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Piotr Anderszewski — Pianist

Program notes

Meet the talented pianist Piotr Anderszewski who offers us his most utter feelings and reflections in this documentary directed by Bruno Monsaingeon, built like a "rail-movie," in the artist's native Poland.

Bruno Monsaingeon spent a great part of his life making movies about the greatest musicians of our times, sharing his passionnate vision of artists with us. Each of his movies is the outcome of many years spent with the artist (Gould, Richter, Menuhin, Oïstrakh) or, on the contrary, the result of a sudden impulse or of a love at first sight, which is the case, one can say, for Piotr Anderzsewski, "Unquiet traveller": a fantastically living portrait of this non-conformist pianist.

Somewhere on the borderline between documentary and fiction, this road-movie's setting (we should rather say "rail-movie") is a winter journey through Poland to Budapest, in a train in which the pianist has taken his grand piano...

Piotr Anderszewski gives us all along this film his most inner thoughts about music and about his qualms, revealing his true nature, generous but tormented.

From Warsaw to Budapest, through Zakopane and Poznan, Piotr Anderszewski rediscovers his native country at the slow pace of the train, gives some concerts here and there, and invites us to come with him… It is actually a triple journey, masterly directed by Bruno Monsaingeon, with a constant reflection between the artist's inner journey, the nostalgic journey which brings him back to his native Poland, and the journey of a soloist who travels all over the world to give over one hundred concerts a year.

A brilliantly constructed film, utterly poetic and deeply emotional.

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