Opera Fanatic

A journey into the heart of Italian opera in the 50's

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Program notes

A journey into the heart of Italian opera of the fifties.

Stefan Zucker, the world's highest tenor, visits the opera divas of his childhood. The journey from apartment to apartment, from diva to diva, from Rome to Milan, turns into an opera road movie.

With Magda Olivero, Leyla Gencer, Gina Cigna, Iris Adami Corradetti, Fedora Barbieri, Giuletta Simionato, Carla Gavazzi, Anita Cerquetti, Marcella Pobbe, Gigliola Frazzoni and Stefan Zucker.

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Directed by:
Jan Schmidt-Garre
Production date: 1998
Duration: 1 h 33 min
Production: © PARS Media
Resolution: SD