Dmitry Sitkovetsky: Interviews with Sir Neville Marriner

It Ain’t Necessarily So – Conversations with classical music stars

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Sir Neville Marriner

Dmitry Sitkovetsky — Artistic Director / Film Presenter

Program notes

As a fourth generation musician, Dmitry Sitkovetsky had the privilege of growing up as an insider in the marvelous world of classical music. In his series It Ain’t Necessarily So… he questions classical music stars about their career. This episode features Sir Neville Marriner.

In this episode, Dmitry Sitkovetsky interviews Sir Neville Marriner in his beautiful English country house. Rapidly, the conversation turns to music. In his days, Sir Neville Marriner played the violin in the London Symphony Orchestra, the Philharmonia Orchestra and the Martin String Quartet. Besides being a great violinist, he directed important orchestras such as the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra and the Minnesota Orchesta.

It Ain’t Necessarily So…

In June 2014, famous violonist and conductor Dmitry Sitkovetsky developped an interesting project with M-Productions (Moscow): a great cycle of interviews of important personalities of the musical world. Each episode features a guest such as: Bella Davidovich (piano player and teacher), Barbara Hendricks (opera and jazz singer), Mischa Maisky (cellist), Evgeny Kissin (piano) and many other famous artists... Sitkovetsky invites them to confide in him and presents unique footages of their performances. Without further delay, watch all episodes!

We are first and foremost complicated and vulnerable men and women, and our paths to artistic triumphs cannot be separated from our personal journeys, the love, the loneliness, the relationships, the disappointments, the strife to know ourselves and to connect with others, however tenuously or temporarily. These connections are what this series of conversations is all about. I want you to get to know my friends and long-time collaborators as I know and love them. Some of what you hear might surprise you. Some of it might shatter your assumptions. But hopefully all of it will give you a deeper connection to these extraordinary people. (Dmitry Sitkovetsky, about his series It Ain’t Necessarily So….)

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