Jordi Savall: A B minor Mass in Fontfroide

Le Concert des Nations

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Jordi Savall — Conductor

Le Concert des Nations

Program notes

The Catalan conductor Jordi Savall presents John Sebastian Bach's Mass in B Minor, BWV 232.

A magistral work composed between 1724 and 1748, John Sebastian Bach's Mass in B Minor is a masterpiece which demonstrates a profound spirituality shining beyond denominational splits. Musically speaking, the Mass in B Minor requires a remarkable technique from the music ensemble, but first and foremost it requires an inner impetus from the musicians. In the middle of the Languedoc (France), the Fontfroide Abbey offers the ideal setting for the interpretation of this oecumenical musical work. Founded in the 12th century, the Fontfroide Abbey, with its cistercian architecture, invites to contemplation, the volumes of the nave enrich the music with a profound and diffuse harmony, and the complex architecture of the Mass in B Minor seems eventually transfigured by the acoustic of this unique place.

Combining musical excerpts with historical comments, the documentary produced by the movie director Denis Sneguirev shows many interviews with the musicians of the Concert des Nations, including interviews with Maestro Jordi Savall, who shares his respect and admiration for John Sebastian Bach's Mass in B Minor.

Picture: © Denis Sneguirev

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