Heavenly voices, the legacy of Farinelli

The castrato phenomenon

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Patrick Barbier — Teacher

Daniel Behle — Tenor

Max-Emanuel Cencic — Countertenor

David Daniels — Countertenor

Luciana D'Intino — Mezzo-soprano

Franco Fagioli — Countertenor

Franco Fussi

Marco Gambino

Philippe Jaroussky — Countertenor

Vincenzo Lucchese Salati

Fabrizia Maronese

Othon Mataragas — Singer

Yuriy Minienko

Reiner E. Moritz

Daniele Pacini

Laura Pigozzi

Ella Roberts

Valer Barna-Sabadus — Countertenor

Program notes

Franco Fagioli, Philippe Jaroussky and several brilliant other countertenors offer a historical and personal account of the evolution of the castrati.

The Divine Voice tells the story of the castrato phenomenon and how some of the most talented of these singers have developed an international success. Names come to mind such as Farinelli, Senesino, Caffarelli and Carestini, to name only the best known. Max Emanuel Cencic and Philippe Jaroussky, two of the great current countertenors, plunge us into the story and talk about the lyric arts during the Baroque era. In this film, countertenors appear, performing famous roles and giving interviews. We find among them Jochen Kowalski, Andreas Scholl, David Daniels, Daniel Behle and Valer Barna-Sabadus.

The documentary looks back at some great figures, and delves into the story with beautiful scenery bringing the documentary together.

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