Christian Thielemann on Brahms's Symphonies

With the Staatskapelle Dresden

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Christian Thielemann — Conductor

Staatskapelle Dresden

Program notes

Discovering Brahms: Christian Thielemann on Brahms's Symphonies is a documentary featuring conductor Christian Thielemann. The video-recorded interview of Thielemann is interspersed with concert footages of him conducting Brahms's symphonies.

In this fifty minutes documentary entitled Discovering Brahms: Brahms is Christian Thielemans's Symphonies, Christian Thielemans is being interviewed. He talks about the symphonies composed by Brahms. Indeed, he has led a Brahms cycle, conducting the complete composer's symphonies. In this interview, he gives his reading of them: in his opinion, the Third is the strongest one. It is also the most difficult one, however it does not have a triumphal ending nor a truly slow movement... Therefore it is a very subjective symphony. He reviews all of these masterpieces and describes their special features. This documentary explains a large part of the options chosen for both tempi and nuances.

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